Kartepe Ski Rental

Kartepe Ski Rental

PenguenTepe has been in an effort to provide its visitors who come to Kartepe for skiing a nice experience since 2007.Kartepe produces solutions for ski rental needs with high quality, new ski and snowboard equipment whenever possible in terms of age of use and offers them to its guests under suitable conditions. In addition to renting ski clothes, you do not need to spend time and money in traffic in Istanbul or your city ; thermal underwear, ski socks, gloves, snow goggles ... in short, your ski-related needs are available with suitable alternatives. You can contact us to ask for product suitability: 0262 354 34 33
In your search for Kartepe snowboard rental, we can offer you snowboard products in different categories. If you want to try or rent high-level snowboards in Turkey, you will be able to try world-renowned snowboards in PenguenTepe’s "Elite Series" concept.PenguenTepe is a registered brand that also favors the most prominent ski brands.
While you make sure to get your ski equipment from the team with the right technical infrastructure, the warm atmosphere and service of PenguinTepe will be part of your Kartepe memories. On your return from skiing, you will warm your bones with our coffee and tea at the head of our wood-burning stove and you will be glad that you ended your trip with us. Afterwards, we hope you will visit us in our Kartalkaya branch.
Kartepe branch is located in the center of Mashakiye. Click here for the location. Click here to avoid missing weather and snow announcements from instagram.

Ski Rental Prices

(Season 2023)

  • Ski and Snowboard Sets

    Standard - Beginner Level
  • (+) Ski Sets

    New sets from 2021 and above or Offpist/All mountain skis
  • (+)Snowboard Sets

    New sets 2021 and above or Elite sets before 2019
  • (++) Elite Snowboard Sets

    Award-winning Elite sets from 2020 and above
  • Ski Clothes

    Pants - Coat (per piece). Elite coats 170 TL
  • Helmet

    Elite Helmet 150 TL
  • Glasses/Goggle

    Elite Glasses 100 TL
  • Gloves

    For sale, new

Ski Supplies Booking Form

In order not to waste time in the queue and not worry that the equipment you want to rent will not be available, book what you need in advance and devote the whole day to skiing and rest.

Important Notes and Rental Terms

  • Late requests may not be separated.
  • In order to make a reservation and book a product, the payment must be completed. The reservation will not be completed without confirmation that the product has been separated.
  • There is no hourly or half-day rental. Daily rentals are available without time tracking and must be refunded on the same day.
  • Due to natural conditions, ski rental fees will be refunded if all ski slopes are closed all day.
  • Prices are standard in all our branches and PenguinTepe is entitled to a price change if it considers necessary.
  • ID must be left during product delivery
  • For questions or contact: 0262 354 34 33 | kartepe (at) penguentepe.com

Wondering about the Snow Situation?

You can follow us from our social media accounts (@penguentepe) and our mobile app (penguentepe) to see the most up-to-date ski resorts with visual presentations. You don’t have to try hard and ask a thousand places; the latest information is just a click away. Every day our team is on the mountain, take advantage;) Click now.





Kartepe Branch location

Click the button for location / navigation. kartepe (@) penguentepe.com | 0262 354 34 33