For 15 years of work, we are pleased to welcome you to our snowboard and ski rental salons, as well as provide transportation services to the best ski resorts in Turkey. In the summer, we invite you to the most enjoyable and popular nature sport in the summer and spring months with our kitesurf school in Gelibolu / Çanakkale Saros Bay.  Reduce the distance between you and this exciting sport with our kitesurf / kiteboard course, after completing the kitesurf course by our Turkish Sailing Federation certified instructors, you will become addicted to this sport, which is physically easy to practice. A minimum of 2 days should be allocated for training course, preferably 3 to 4 days.

Master this amazing sport without having to spend extra time and budget on long and costly journeys and accommodations. Decide in the evening, be at the beach in the morning, save your money and time, reach nature more easily, train easier. We are waiting for you at the closest point that is suitable for Istanbul in terms of geography and weather. Moreover, for those who receive course training from PenguenTepe, a lifetime discount of 20% on kitesurf rentals. It's best for you to escape the city with us;) 


  • Wind

    The famous wind of the Aegean sea and Saros during the spring and summer months
  • Wind direction

    Safe natural area with the wind blowing into the bay
  • Water level

    The coastal section is shallow and the wave is small for ease of education.
  • Crowd

    Spacious and large area without crowds of kites with a in the bay.
  • Transportation

    The closest and most convenient point to Istanbul with its geography and weather

Kitesurf Training and Rental Prices (2022 Season)

Kitesurf Course Prices

  • 6 Hours: Weekdays

    1 to 1 lessons in water 3500 TL
  • 6 Hours: Weekend

    1 to 1 lessons in water 3900 TL
  • 8 Hours: Weekdays

    1 to 1 lessons in water 4300 TL.
  • 8 Hours: Weekend

    1 to 1 lessons in water 4800TL.
  • 10 Hours: Weekdays

    1 to 1 lessons in water 5000 TL
  • 10 Hours: Weekend

    1 to 1 lessons in water 5700TL

*** Standard prices are for groups of 2 or 3 people. The recommended starting course is 8 hours and the 6-hour package is only for those who have a strong sporting background or have started kitesurfing before. All prices are discounted cash payment prices. Credit card and installment payment options are available, and the details are below.

Kitesurf Rental Prices

  • 1 Hour Rental

  • 1 Day Rental

  • 3 or more Days Rental

  • Wetsuit Rental (1 day)

  • Storage

    For your own material. 3rd and following days in a row 40 TL
  • Shower, cabin, sun lounger etc. use of

    The use of these services during training and rental days is free. Also 2 years free for those who buy equipment from us (minimum board or kite), and 1 year free for those who buy wetsuits and harnesses.
  • Rescue service

    Free during the training. In case of need of support by renting or coming with its own material; Motorboat 200 TL, land vehicle 150 TL, with the support of our team on foot 100 TL

The rentals consist of board, kite, bar and harness. Helmets are also provided depending on the skill level. Renting only a kite is 60% of the cost of a set, only a board 50%. We provide our guests who have been trained at PenguenTepe (minimum 6 hours), a permanent discount on the rental of kitesurf equipment in the amount of 20%.

Private Lessons and Mixed Packages

  • 1 Hour Private Lesson

  • 1 Hour Lesson + 1 Hour Rental

  • 1 Hour Lesson + Full Day Rental

  • 2 Hour Lessons + Full Day Rentals


Accelerate your development as you start the day. Go one step further every day.

*** Packages are daily and must be used on the same day, cannot be divided into different days.In rental requests is required skill in kitesurfing technique applications. In case of insufficiency, private lessons should be taken. Even with their own equipment, people with insufficient level of training cannot be admitted to the training area.

kitesurf kredi kartı ile ödeme

Installment opportunity for credit cards up to 12 months

Our seasonal standard prices are cash prices. If you want to use a credit card in one payment, then a percentage will be added to the specified amount 0-4 months with a difference of + 13%, 6 months with 15% difference, 12-month installments can be made with a difference of 20%. *Only Turkish bank cards are accepted.
kitesurf eğitimi indirimi

Early Booking Opportunity

Immerse yourself in the world of vivid emotions in advance, start with affordable prices, evaluate the possibilities; Start early at affordable prices, evaluate the whole article. 35% Discount: Last Class Day May 20 | 20% Discount: May 21 - June 20 | * All fees for discounts must be paid in advance. Standard wage difference is taken from the incomplete hours left to the following periods.

Conditions and General Information

  • Theoretical trainings on land can be done in groups, and the ongoing process in water is carried out in the form of 1, 2 or 3 people. If there are 2-3 people, it is also useful for students to be able to closely observe each other's mistakes and truths.
  • The level that can be reached at the end of the training period (as in all sports) cannot be guaranteed; It can progress faster or slower depending on the person's sporting inclination or conditions such as weather. However, in our spot, which is not too crowded for kitesurfers, the speed of training progress is faster than other more crowded bays.
  • As in ski lessons, it may not be possible to start the class according to the exact time. Depending on possible reasons such as an increase or decrease in wind speed, students getting tired (due to the length of the course), the instructor can take it early or postpone it for a while by making flexibility during the hours.
  • You have to set aside a minimum of 2 days for 6-hour courses and a minimum of 3 days for 8-hour courses (the 6-hour course can only be suitable for those with a high sporting background or a little entry into kitesurf, the recommended time is 8 hours). Since it is quieter on weekdays, we recommend it to those who have availability.
  • In case of insufficient wind in the packages for which the tuition fee is paid, the remaining hours are transferred to the next visits.
  • For rentals exceeding 1 hour, 1 day is charged within the scope of the rental, regardless of the hours.
  • PenguenTepe reserves the right to make changes regarding pricing and conditions.

Prices are indicated for cash payments. It is possible to pay by credit card and 10% is added to the package prices (up to 0-4 installments). 12% is added for 6 installments, 15% is added for 12 installments.*Only Turkish bank cards are accepted.  PenguenTepe has the right to change the price / rate for services whose payment is not completed, as the installment rates can be changed by the intermediary financial institution.

Package prices are discounted and are paid in advance at the beginning of the course. If partial payments are desired for each different day, an hourly rate is taken as the basis.

Before making the payment, you must make a reservation confirmation for date availability: kite (at) penguentepe.com | 0545 615 60 00

Google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/uAos2RtVRpu (You save 30-40 minutes by entering the newly completed Çanakkale highway before Malkara, there is no need to come over Keşan. Navigation leads correctly).

Bus from İstanbul: All buses from Istanbul to Çanakkale and passing through Gelibolu can leave their passengers at Bolayır junction, which is 15 minutes from Gelibolu. We can easily pick up our guests who will receive training by reservation from us at this intersection.

kite (at) penguentepe.com | 0545 615 6000

35% Discount: Last Class Day May 20 |

20% Discount: May 21 - June 20 |

* All fees for discounts must be paid in advance. Standard wage difference is taken from the incomplete hours left to the following periods.

kite (at) penguentepe.com | 0545 615 6000

You can ask about our contracted and discounted accommodation alternatives and get information.

kite (at) penguentepe.com | 0545 615 6000

For weather forecasts:

Windguru Saros:https://www.windguru.cz/12984 (You can see it at the bottom of this page)

And you can follow Windy  mobile apps

It varies from person to person. While some learn in 8 hours, some can reach a sufficient level in 13 hours, the development time depends entirely on the sportive perception and skill of the person. Here, the criterion for skiing on your own is that you can get on the wind. In insufficient cases, you will be recommended to take lessons instead of renting.  People with insufficient level of training cannot be admitted to the training area. The training ground cannot be occupied when the level is insufficient. People with insufficient level of training cannot be admitted to the training area.

Of course. However;

You must be able to kite at a sufficient level and upwind without any problems, and you must be able to glide safely away from the training and safe entry-exit area and safely in the activity area. You cannot occupy the safe exit track and training area for training, rest or show with heavy movements, and you cannot put other athletes and students at risk. If you don't have safe belt control at this level,  you must attend classes or not occupy the kite area.

It is obvious that our team and our school undertake important financial obligations in order to contribute to the development of this sport, as it is a commercial activity. Rescue services with our team and technical infrastructure (Motor boat, pickup truck etc.) are paid. Rescue by motor boat is 200 TL, land vehicle rescue is 150 TL, and the intervention of our team to support your equipment is 100 TL.

  • Güneyli: In your spare time, before or after class, you can go to a side bay, Güneyli Bay. Alternatively Kömür limanı can be considered at a larger time.
  • In the evening, you can go to Şarköy (half an hour) or to the fisherman restaurants in the center of Gelibolu (15 minutes).
  • You can go to the tiny, but beautiful cove right behind to the kite beach Bakla Burnu (side picture) 
  • You can visit Namık Kemal and Gazi Süleyman Pasha tombs in the center of Bolayır. For those who did not see, the martyrdoms in the south of Gelibolu (Gallipoli) will always be a valuable alternative.

Location & Transportation information

With the newly completed (March 2022) Çanakkale highway, you can reach our school at least 30-40 minutes faster. Before Malkara, you should connect to the new highway and take the Kavakköy turn. Google navigates correctly.

Kite Support

Double click, one step closer to the wind

kitesurf destek iletişim

Wind / Weather Forecast (Flick)

* The wind is generally stronger at the point where our school is located *