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We attach great importance to our guests who are with us in the snow and on the sand, and we want to pamper our guests who are always with us, thank them, and share fun opportunities and surprises from time to time. Some offer early booking, date-limited deals, and some offer attractive packages.

From time to time, we will have exciting packages coming out; In order not to miss the updates on this page, we say stay tuned to our social media (@penguentepe #penguentepefırsatlar) announcements and our hashtag ;)

Early Booking Daily Kartepe Ski Tour

LAST DAY 30 November 2021

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If you buy 3 *special discount* Early Booking Kartepe package, 1 Uludağ, Kartalkaya or Kartepe transportation + ski equipment rental is Free! Moreover, until February 15, 2023, without any reason (lack of snow, pandemic, alien invasion...) FULL REFUND right ;)

For your questions: 0216 606 40 00 | tur@penguentepe.com
  • Daily Early Booking -1
  • 250TL
    per Every day of the week
  • Round trip transportation from Istanbul
  • Ski or snowboard set
  • Morning Sandwich pack
  • -
  • -
  • Daily Early Booking-2
  • 650TL
    per Every day of the week
  • Round trip transportation from Istanbul
  • Ski or snowboard set
  • Unlimited full-day Skipass
  • Lunch Sausage bread + drink
  • Morning Sandwich pack
kartepe kayak turları

2022-23 Kartepe Skipass Fiyatları (Haftanın Her Günü)

Tam Gün Sınırsız: 400 TL - Yarım Gün:350 TL
  • Transportation from Istanbul to Kartepe - Return (Standard price 250 TL)
  • Ski or snowboard equipment rental (Standard set 200 TL)
  • In-vehicle refreshments (Sandwich, juice, water)
  • Guidance Services
  • Seat insurance
  • Parking fees
  • Free hot treats at PenguenTepe
  • Unlimited full-day skipass in the package including skipass (Standard fare 400 TL)
  • Sausage bread + drink in the package including sausage bread at noon (standard price is 120 TL)

  • All personal expenses in the Ski Center facilities
  • Sled area fees
  • Sled, ATV, photography etc. All extra activities
  • All other extras not mentioned in the package content

Greenpark Kartepe Resort 2020-2021 Season Skipass Pricing:

Full day - 400 TL
Half day - 350 TL

Note: Pricing is the same every day of the week. The deposit fee is 100 TL and is paid in cash, cash back is made.

When you make your tour reservation online, we arrange and separate your ski equipment for your name, accompanied by the information you enter. We do our best for you to wait in line when you arrive like this, and we want to take you to the top as quickly as possible. If you have made your tour payment by money order without using the system, you should share your information via tour@penguentepe.com email as follows:
Tour date:
Name surname:
For skiing: Height-weight-foot no. Skiing Skill level.
For boarders: Height-weight-foot no. Which foot is in front?
Snowblade: Height-weight-foot no
Product pricing:
Standard ski/board: 200 TL ( 190 TL with tour reservation)
New ski/board (2021 and later): 290 TL (280 TL with tour reservation)
Elite boards (2019 and later): 390 TL (380 TL with tour reservation)
Clothes (coats, trousers) 90 TL per piece
Helmet 75 TL (Payable helmet 65 TL with tour reservation)
Glasses 50 TL

***In order to reserve ski equipment, information should be sent by e-mail until 19:30 at the latest. With early reservation, beginner level sets are given, and those who want to upgrade can get it by paying the difference.

PenguenTepe ski rental branch, where we took a break, has all the necessities. As you can rent ski suits and clothes, you can also buy accessories such as thermal underwear, ski socks, gloves under suitable conditions. Click for rental prices: Kartepe Ski Clothes Rental Prices

No need to spend extra time and money in the city!

  • PenguenTepe reserves the right to change the tour fees. Early reservation fees may increase according to periodic periods.
  • Purchased tour coupons can be refunded without interruption until 15.02.2023. If any of the tours taken within the scope of the campaign is cancelled, the gift tour will be deemed invalid. There is no cancellation of the gift tour. Up to four people can use it at a time, including the person who bought the tour. Up to three different people can use the tour at the same time, together with the person who bought the tour. Only the person who bought the tour can use the gift. (The TC number of the person who bought the vehicle will be confirmed. No one except the tour owner can use these coupons individually. Otherwise, the collection will be made at the current non-promotion price of that day.)
  • Early booking packages purchase and pricing will end at 23:59 on 30.11.2022. You can purchase the quantity you want by selecting the date of 30.11.2022 at the purchasing stage; The tours you receive can be used on any date during the season within the scope of the early reservation coupon. When your date is certain, you will be able to use your early reservation rights in writing by email, after you confirm the quota availability by phone (0216 606 4000) or email (tur@penguentepe.com).
  • If there is a need to make a discount on the standard Kartepe tour prices during the season, the difference with the early booking sales price (Ex: 250 TL) will be made as a gesture to our guests who buy the opportunity, and a credit will be defined to be used in PenguenTepe services (For example, the tour price will be 240 TL during the season. 10 TL credit). The guest should send this request via a written email to tur@penguentepe.com.
  • No refunds, cancellations or date changes are made 24 hours before the specified tour time.
  • There is absolutely no transfer of early booking packages to future seasons.
  • Transportation service; In-car catering, transportation, guide fee, national park and insurance fees are included.
  • Passengers aged 2 and over are charged full fare. Under the age of 2, it is free of charge, provided that it is brought on the lap.
  • Although the type and size of the vehicles are directly proportional to the passenger capacity, the most luxurious vehicles are selected according to the market standards.
  • Except for exceptional cases, no loading or unloading is done outside the stops.
  • Our company cannot be held responsible for changes due to Force Majeure caused by natural conditions such as weather, snow, road conditions. It should not be forgotten that skiing is a nature sport.
  • Tours after 15 February cannot be guaranteed for early reservations. Due to insufficient profit, economic, force majeure or completely private company reasons, PenguenTepe cannot guarantee tours, refunds or changes cannot be requested after the cancellation date of early reservation packages, which is February 15 at the latest. The consumer should act with the logic of using the opportunity coupon, the expiration date of which is February 15.
  • In the early booking packages, the 4th tour, which is given as a gift to those who buy 3 tours, does not guarantee a location option. If the Kartepe, Kartalkaya or Uludağ locations are available on the desired date, the passenger with the early booking opportunity will be able to use one of those options.
  • Remittance selected reservations (including early reservations) with incomplete payment are invalid. For online reservations, the payment must be completed within 2 hours, otherwise the seat cannot be guaranteed for late payments, PenguenTepe reserves the right to cancel/refund.
  • In case of force majeure in early reservations, in case the service cannot be provided completely (for example, skipass facilities are closed during the season, war, abnormal and unexpected changes in prices, etc.), PenguenTepe will provide a refund for the whole or partial part of the service that cannot be provided, according to the price in the beginning of the season. If the service can be performed in a partial way (eg, all items other than skipass), a partial refund is made and other services are provided, this part is non-refundable.
  • This tour is organized by our Penguen Tepe Turizm travel agency (Türsab: 9953).
  • The images published on the page cannot be used for external and commercial purposes, without permission, for PenguenTepe tour guests. The full text of our service contract: Hizmet Sözleşmesi
HESAP İSMİ (ACCOUNT NAME): PenguenTepe Turizm ve Spor Hizmetleri Ltd. Şti
ŞUBE (BRANCH): Hasanpaşa / İstanbul
IBAN NO : TR37 0006 2000 4130 0006 2927 08

Please send your post-payment receipt and contact information (first and last name, date, phone, TC number, name of the stop where you will be included in the transportation) tur@penguentepe.com address.
* You can also enter this information at check-in with your credit card from the "Buy" button.
* After payment, your seat will be reserved for you.
***Seat reservation are not possible without full payment. Payment by hand is not accepted.

Early Booking Kartepe Ski Tour with Accommodation

LAST DAY: 30 November 2021

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Park Hotel 1 night accommodation tour - TL

  • Half Board Kartepe Park Hotel accommodation

    Every day except New Year's Day in a double room for 1 night/per person
  • Round-trip transportation from Istanbul

    ncluding transportation to Kartepe summit every day of stay
  • Ski equipment

    2 full days of ski equipment included
  • Right of Cancellation

    Full cancellation or date change up to 48 hours

Terms and Details

  • Opportunity purchase deadline is 30 November 2021.
  • PenguenTepe reserves the right to terminate or make changes (except for purchases) at any time.
  • All packages are packages that allow date change or cancellation, full refund, within their own explanations and conditions.
  • The above-mentioned tours with accommodation are half board and include open buffet breakfast and dinner (Set menu: Main course, salad, soup, dessert, water). It starts with dinner on the day of arrival and ends with breakfast on the day of departure.
  • Kartepe Park hotel is approximately 25 km from Kartepe summit, and guests who buy packages must be present at the morning shuttle/bus departure time (07:30 unless otherwise stated). There will be no flights to Kartepe except for the route times to be specified.
  • Skipass is not included in the tours with accommodation.
  • Prices stated in the packages above are per person in double rooms. Single or 3 person accommodation prices are different in the rooms.
  • Ski/snowboard kits are free of charge in early booking packages with accommodation. Extras (Clothes, helmets, etc.) are paid in the ski room.
  • If there is not enough snow for skiing on the desired dates and the person who buys the opportunity wants to make the accommodation on these dates, he will be able to benefit from the accommodation service by making a refund of 150 TL per person as the road fee.
  • Accommodation/Transportation availability cannot be guaranteed for last minute date requests.
  • Installments can be made by credit card.
  • You can review the full text of the note and cancellation conditions by clicking on the details of the relevant package or contact our office: tur@penguentepe.com | 0216 606 4000

Have a question?

0216 606 4000 | konaklama@penguentepe.com

Free Ski Tour until your Kitesurfing Training

LAST DAY: 31 December 2018

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Great opportunity for those who want to learn kitesurfing! Choose the one suitable for you from our 2019 Kitesurf training packages below, and earn the right to use credits for our ski tours (Kartepe, Uludağ or Kartalkaya) and ski equipment rentals as much as the package amount you pay. Insure education and fun at our kite beach in Saros Bay while skiing to the fullest in winter ;)

  • Package 1 (Weekdays)
  • TL-
    per 6 hours per week
  • 6 hours of basic kitesurfing training
  • All materials during the training
  • 1 or 2 person training in water
  • Package 2 (Weekend)
  • TL-
    per Weekend 6 hours
  • 6 hours of basic kitesurfing training
  • All materials during the training
  • 1 or 2 person training in water
  • Package 3 (Weekdays)
  • TL-
    per 8 hours
  • 8 hours of basic kitesurfing training
  • All materials during the training
  • 1 or 2 person training in water
  • Package 4 (Weekend)
  • TL-
    per 8 hours
  • 8 hours of basic kitesurfing training
  • All materials during the training
  • 1 or 2 person training in water

Terms of Use

  • Although the last day of opportunity purchase is 31 December 2018, the opportunity is limited. PenguenTepe reserves the right to terminate or make changes (except for purchases) at any time.
  • The amount of TL for the package received is as you wish (Ex: 4 Kartepe skipass + ski, 3 Uludağ transportation + dinner... you can use.
  • Within the scope of the package, you can use the amount of TL to anyone you want during the winter season. Kitesurfing training is only available to the person who took the opportunity.
  • You must use the received training package at PenguenTepe Kite School, which is located in the Aegean Sea - Saros gulf, to be completed on May 31, 2019. Our new season activities will continue with trainings on April 23, 2019 at the latest. Please contact for your requests for earlier dates: 0545 615 6000
  • The unused amount of the received package will not be transferred to the next seasons or summer, and no money will be refunded.
  • In-season use of the credit you are entitled to and snow compliance follow-up are the responsibility of the buyer.
  • Changes or credit refunds cannot be made 24 hours before the tour time for the dates of use.
  • Installments can be made by credit card.

Curious about Snow Status?

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