It is very easy to rent skis from Istanbul!

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Before going to the mountains, be sure of your equipment and expenses. Don't waste time in queues instead of riding and relaxing.

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Contact us. Share the date of the trip, height, weight, foot number, and we will prepare the most suitable products for you

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Ski Snowboard rental in Istanbul

Did you know that you have the opportunity to rent ski or snowboarding equipment in Istanbul, whether you are going to any ski resort abroad or domestic?

  • Are the rental fees at the ski resort you visit too high?
  • Do you get into the incredible crowd and spend the precious time you would spend on the tracks in the ski room?
  • Do you risk running out of materials or have to use materials that are last and don't fit you?
  • Are the materials you will use during the day(s) too old and worn out?

The ski and snowboard equipment, according to your reservation, we bring to Istanbul together with the PenguenTepe tour, they will be located in our office, near Kadıköy marriage office… much closer to you! You can pick them up at our office or with our tourist bus at the Kadikoy marriage (evlendirme durağı) stop and hit the road without unwanted surprises.

Note: The materials you have reserved are brought from our Kartepe branch with our Kartepe ski tour vehicle, which provides round-trip transportation every day. Therefore, materials are not available in the Istanbul office. Products whose payment has been completed by 17:00 on the same day are put in our vehicle and arrive in Istanbul around 20:00.

Ski Rental Prices

  • Ski and Snowboard Set

    Sets including boots in 2018 and before
  • Ski and Snowboard Set

    New sets including bots in 2019 and later
  • Elite Snowboard Set

    Award-winning sets including boots in 2018 and before
  • Off Pist / All Mountain

    Ski set including Majesty brand boots (2020 model)
  • Elite Snowboard Set

    Award-winning sets including boots in 2019 and later
  • Ski Clothes

    Pants - Coat (per piece)
  • Ski Accessories

    Helmet - Glasses/Goggle (per piece)
  • Gloves

    For sale, new

Ski Supplies Booking Form

In order not to waste time in the queue and not worry that the equipment you want to rent will not be available, book what you need in advance and devote the whole day to skiing and rest.

Important Notes and Rental Terms

  • Late requests may not be separated.
  • In order to make a reservation and book a product, the payment must be completed. The reservation will not be completed without confirmation that the product has been separated.
  • There is no hourly or half-day rental. Daily rentals are available without time tracking and must be refunded on the same day.
  • Prices are standard in all our branches and PenguinTepe is entitled to a price change if it considers necessary.
  • ID must be left during product delivery or a cash deposit equal to the cost of the set.
  • For questions or contact: 0262 354 34 33 | kartepe (at) penguentepe.com

Wondering about the Snow Situation?

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Kadikoy Office location

Click the button for location /navigation. istanbul (@) penguentepe.com | 0546 535 5000