Ski Tours for one day and tours with Accommodation

With the organizations of PenguenTepe Ski tours, whether you want to come with Kartepe tour, Kartalkaya tour or Uludag ski tour, let us offer you comfortable transportation opportunities and provide high quality ski equipment at affordable prices by visiting PenguenTepe stores. We aim to offer you ski tours in a comfortable, warm and fun atmosphere.

Our difference that we have maintained for 14 years for you; PenguenTepe Turizm (Türsab: 9953) is active in ski tours in winter, kitesurf training in summer and other nature sports activities, and does not organize any tour other than its expertise. We reflect the highest standards of expertise and service to you with our outdoor sports-focused team available 24 hours a day in the regions where we operate. Due to this mission and our desire to offer the best, you will not see us as an agency that sells tours like Cappadocia, Eskişehir ...

Whether you join our tours for one day or ski tours with accommodation or organize a private ski tour for your institution / group, you will be very glad that you trust us and set off with us.



  • From Istanbul to Kartepe
  • Definite departure EVERY DAY, including weekdays
  • Prices starting from 49 TL
  • National park, guide ... no extra charges!


  • From Istanbul to Uludag
  • Definite departure on weekends
  • Luxury vehicles with packages including skipass
  • National park, guide ... no extra charges!


  • Istanbul to Kartalkaya
  • Definite departure on weekends
  • Luxury vehicles with packages including skipass
  • Skiing-return free barbecue treats


  • To Uludağ, Kartepe or Kartalkaya
  • Corporate, student or group organizations
  • Daily or Accommodation
  • Professional and experienced team

Wondering about the Snow Situation?

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