Kartepe tour commitment and implementation from Istanbul to Kartepe every day has been in PenguenTepe for 10 years. With our Kartepe tours, round trip (including guidance and national parking fee) costs from only 69 TL! With the assurance of PenguenTepe, make your program at the opportunity price, with a definite departure every day during the ski season, without surprises. Now, you can run away from the city with us by examining our daily ski tours in Kartepe or the tours in Kartepe with accommodation. Note: Our accommodation options never give you a surprise, and we do not bring you into Izmit city and its traffic.

Enjoy 14 years of PenguenTepe experience focused on skiing and natural sports in Kartalkaya, Kartepe and Uludag. Our team together with our ski houses located near to ski resorts and guides  has a high level of skiing and nature sports experience, knowledge and passion. We strive to reflect this privilege to you as the highest satisfaction: About us.

In PenguenTepe and on our website, you will see not only our sales-oriented, diverse series of different tours, but our expertise and passion for natural sports that we are trying to reflect to you;)

Penguen Tepe Turizm. TüRSAB document no: 9953

You will be surprised to see our tour vehicles. Even at these prices, no surprises! You will not be bored on the road with the most comfortable and luxurious vehicles possible. Our buses have a big screen behind the seat, internet and much more.

For 14 years, you have been receiving the materials you know and trust from our branches in Kartepe and Kartalkaya together with our tour.

In our contracted café, you can enjoy the sausage breads (sucuk ekmek) at the exact starting point of the pistes and in front of the snowy mountain view and in favorable conditions. Don't go away from the tracks, enjoy.

While in Kartepe, would you like to stay and enjoy nature and skiing? We offer special discounts on our Kartepe tours with accommodation. Click to review


04:10 - Beylikdüzü Migros Önü: Navigation: click
04:25 – Avcılar Otobüs Durakları: Navigation: click
05:10 – Bakırköy İncirli Durağı (Dilek Pastane önü): Navigasyon: tıklayın
05:35 – Mecidiyeköy meydan (Yapıkredi-TEB önü): Navigation: click
06:00 – Kadıköy (PenguenTepe Ofis önü): Navigation: click
06:25 – Kartal E-5 Köprü altı: Navigation: click
06:45 – Çayırova McDonalds: Navigation: click
06:55 – Gebze Center Önü
07:50 – PenguenTepe Kayak Evi: Navigation: click
09:10– Kartepe summit arrival
16:45 – Return from Kartepe summit


Guaranteed daily departures for tours will start in December with the first snow

  • Week Days
  • 79TL
    per Every day
  • Departure - Return transportation
  • Breakfast package in bus
  • Sausage bread and drink + 25 TL
  • 69 TL from PenguinTepe Mashukiye
  • Weekends
  • 89TL
    per Every day
  • Departure - Return transportation
  • Breakfast package in bus
  • Sausage bread and drink + 25 TL
  • 69 TL from PenguinTepe Mashukiye
  • Tour with Skipass on weekdays
  • 239TL
    per Weekdays
  • Departure on weekdays
  • Round-trip transportation from Istanbul
  • Breakfast package in bus
  • Unlimited Ski pass on weekdays
  • Tour with Skipass on weekend
  • 249TL
    per Weekend
  • Saturday & Sunday departure
  • Round-trip transportation from Istanbul
  • Breakfast package in bus
  • Unlimited Skipass at the weekend
  • Transportation on different days
  • 150TL
    per Every day
  • Every day departure
  • Round-trip transportation from Istanbul on "DIFFERENT" days
  • Breakfast package in bus on the day of departure

General Information, Details and Conditions

  • Departure - Return transportation
  • Breakfast package in bus
  • Guidance Services
  • Parking, national park, highway, guidance etc fees
  • Ski or snowboard package in specified packages with ski
  • All personal expenses
  • Equipment rentals other than receiving packages
  • Receiving package external skipass
  • Food and drinks during lunch and dinner break

Extra fees:

If you want sausage bread + soft drink at noon, you can buy sausage bread + soft drink from additional services for 25 TL. Likewise, you can choose ski sets in different categories and add them during purchase.

Ski clothes (pants, coat) are 30 TL each.

Standard Product category and pricing:
  • Standard ski/board (2018 and eahead): 65 TL (60 TL paid by tour reservation)
  • New ski/board (2019 and later): 90 TL (85 TL paid with tour reservation)
  • Old elite boards (2018 and before): 100 TL (95 TL paid with tour reservation)
  • Off Pist - Backcountry skis (2020): 125 TL (115 TL with tour reservation)
  • New elite boards (2019 and later): 140 TL (130 TL paid with tour reservation)
  • Clothes (coats, trousers) 35 TL per piece
  • Ski Accessories (Helmet - Goggles/Goggle) are 25 TL per piece.
*** Information must be entered into the system during online tour booking to reserve ski equipment. If there is no material suitable for your physical criteria, you will be notified and an alternative will be suggested. Missing or incorrect information, late notifications can affect the correct reservation of your reservation
*** Late requests may not be distinguished in advance.

Kartepe 2020-2021 Skipass prices:

  • Full Day unlimited skipass: 170 TL
  • Half Day Ski Pass: 140 TL
  • Single long tour: 70 TL
  • One short tour: 40 TL

You can rent ski sets and clothes, as well as accessories such as thermal underwear, ski socks and gloves, from PenguenTepe under suitable conditions. It is recommended that you have these products available as an alternative.

  • PenguenTepe reserves the right to make changes to tourism fees.
  • Return or date change is allowed 72 hours before the tour time. You can change the dates for one time up to 24 hours. Returns and changes for the last 24 hours are not allowed.
  • It is mandatory to leave an ID for the rented products.
  • To the transportation service; lunch box in the vehicle, transportation, guidance fee, national park and seat insurance fees are included.
  • If a package including sausage bread is purchased, you will be given receipts the sausage bread / beverage, they must be presented in our contracted café's, with will be given from our contracted café's sausage bread kiosk and can be eaten using the benches in front of the café. The indoor area of the café is within the scope of limited time restaurant service, it is not free. PenguenTepe does not offer paid or free indoor area services.
  • During the semester period (school holidays), skipass fees are sold at weekend pricing within the Greenpark initiative. In this case; A tour taken on weekdays cannot be used during the semester.
  • On crowded days, the meeting point in the vehicles at the end of the day is the bus park outside the Greenpark car park entrance (in such cases, the guide will provide information). This compulsory walking distance from the ski slopes is definitely not at the initiative of our company, it is a situation applied by Greenpark to all passenger transport vehicles due to lack of space.
  • Passengers 2 years and older are fully charged. Babies before the age of 2 are free of charge, provided they come in the lap and do not receive a breakfast package in bus.
  • The type and size of vehicles are directly proportional to passenger capacity, but the most luxurious vehicles are selected among market standards.  The seat number cannot be promised.
  • Apart from the designated safe route stops, there is absolutely no embark and disembark passengers, no pause. Please do no trequest it. In addition, if guests wish to leave at different stops, they must report this before the tour day. Otherwise, the bus layout may not be suitable for the return route.
  • PenguenTepe tours by more than one bus for many days due to the satisfaction of our esteemed guests. In tour tickets purchased by different people at different times, if it is desired to sit together, the person information and these requests should be indicated to our company by email: tur@penguentepe.com. Otherwise, we will not be able to know that you are a group of friends and family.
  • After reaching the destination on the day of the tour, the bus doors will be closed until 45 minutes before departure time and for security reasons the doors will definitely not open and passengers will not be picked up. Therefore, you must take valuable or necessary items during the day with you before leaving the vehicle.
  • The organization cannot be held responsible for changes due to force majeure caused by natural conditions such as weather, snow, and road conditions. Remember that skiing is a natural sport.
  • PenguenTepe not organizes picnics, excursions, corporate trips unless there is a special corporate demand, but only a ski tour. For this reason, there are no different activities, excursions, etc. offered to guests during the day skiing time.
  • This tour is organized by our Penguen Tepe Turizm travel agency (Türsab: 9953).
  • Images published on the page cannot be used without external permission for PenguenTepe tour guests.
  • Full text of the contract you have approved if you purchase the tour  (in turkish) : Service Agreement
Early booking conditions:
  • Tickets purchased can be cancelled and refunded by January 31, 2020 at the latest.
  • People who want purchased tickets can use them.
  • Kartepe tickets purchased can also be used at standard fees on our Kartalkaya or Uludag tours or kitesurf training services in the summer.
  • It can't be transferred to next year.
  • Skipass fees during the semester (school holidays) can be sold at weekend pricing within the Greenpark initiative. In this case, if your promotional weekday tickets are desired to be used during the semester, the weekend skipass difference will be paid.
HESAP İSMİ (ACCOUNT NAME): PenguenTepe Turizm ve Spor Hizmetleri Ltd. Şti
ŞUBE (BRANCH): Hasanpaşa / İstanbul
IBAN NO : TR37 0006 2000 4130 0006 2927 08

Please send your post-payment receipt and contact information (first and last name, date, phone, TC number, name of the stop where you will be included in the transportation) tur@penguentepe.com address.
* You can also enter this information at check-in with your credit card from the "Buy" button.
* After payment, your seat will be reserved for you.
***Seat reservation are not possible without full payment. Payment by hand is not accepted.

Don't forget to review our alternatives for our accommodation tours.

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Accommodation / Hotel Request Form

Share the details of your request with us by filling out the form easily for the most suitable accommodation packages.


  • The responses to be given by our representative are pre-proposals and the prices and rooms offered cannot be guaranteed without payment.
  • Additional contact information: 0216 606 40 00 | konaklama (at) penguentepe.com |

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